Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Against All Odds by Myrika

Against All Odds » by Myrika reviews

Summary Provided by the Author:
Raleigh Chase thinks guys are dogs. Her older brother's best friend Ryan Henderson claims that he can make any girl, including Raleigh, fall for him. Their bet's on for four months. Can they prove each other wrong?

W. S.'s Reviewing:
Cute and a bit clinched, but hey, a girl has to have a daily supplement of an 100% romance work. A complete novel, Myrika depicts all the characters with unique personalities. With Raleigh as a headstrong feminist and Ryan as an absolutely delicious hottie, the chemistry in this book sizzles more than that beefy meat grilling at a BBQ party. Being in denial, it is sometimes painful to read about Raleigh pushing her feelings for that divine blond readers love. Then again, pain can cause love, right? Most would think that Ryan is one of those perfect rich socialite, but being so good can have flaws. Having a ignorant brother and a mother who thinks that teens are sex-crazy (and find quite... interest in that) can be pretty crazy. Falling in love with your best friend's sister is pretty cute of him. Let's describe the girls' fave jock boy who we all go ga ga over: Ryan. Popular? Check. Rich? Check. Looks? Check. Free? Definitely not. Back off girls, he is totally Raleigh's. He may seem confident, but he can be insecure. Wouldn't you, if you were a guy in love with a girl who can't stand a human with a y-chromosome? Funny how that works. Funny how you're still reading this and not reading the story yourself! Sure, it's long but it's definitely worth it. The wonderful author, Myrika even has a sequel called "Everybody Hates Logan" featuring Ryan's ever loved yet a jerk, brother. Get your daily dose of sweet romance by reading "Against All Odds"!


triku said...

omg!!!!! dt buk RXX!! it shud b publishd n made in2 a moviee!! ALL HAIL MYRIKA!!

tinobaby said...

I love Myrika so much! Her stories are amazing!!!

Aleah said...

It was very disappointing that Myrika removed all her stories there in Fictionpress.com. She's one heck of a writer and this Against All Odds is my all-time favorite. I wish this will be published as a book because I believe AAO could be better than TWILIGHT.

MusicGurl8192 said...

I really, REALLY wanted to read this. VERY BADLY. I'm so, so sad I can't read it. Geez, I feel like resorting to reading copies of her Story's just to read it.
I read the first Chapter, and I was immediately hooked.
I feel like a Drug addict looking for Money to pay for Drugs, or a Vampire looking for blood! I'm going to go be depressed now...

Treesh Aradia said...

Where can I read the entirety of this fic? :( -trish

Aqsa said...

Can I buy a copy of this book? for my friends birthday? its on the first of Jan? How can i contact you Myrika?


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